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New Year Disillusions

As gently as it came, 2009 has passed as smoothly and unnoticed as a walnut-sized kidney stone covered with nails...rusty ones.

As we look back on 2009, the year that time was too busy making calls to forget, we should take heed that not all of it was negative.

Below is a list of things to be thankful for:

In 2009, we learned who our real friends were.

In 2009, we where pushed to the brink at times, and know how strong we can be.

In 2009, we (sales people) earned the exclusive right to count 2009 TWICE on our resumes.

In 2009, a real economy took shape and real professionals finally got their due.

In 2009, having a job became a luxury.

In 2009, our B.S. detectors became VERY sharp.

In 2009, the finance sector was finally seen as the casino junk-et it really was.

(Only in Vegas, casinos really go bust.)

In 2009, we learned the real value of senior management.

We spent most of 2009 trying to do everything, much of it was spinning tires and chasing down responses.

Rather than a "to do list" for 2010, here is a simple "stop doing" list for 2010.

Stop - smoking, drinking too much, and eating greasy junk.

Stop - being negative and using hurtful language.

Stop - wasting time with people you can't help and who can't help you.

Stop - putting off enjoying your life.

Stop - ignoring books on your shelf and your gym membership.

Stop - chatting at work and going home late.

Stop - avoiding those problems that hold you back.

Stop - worrying about bad relationships, if they can't be fixed, let them go.

Stop - thinking you are not good enough or your contribution isn't worth that much.

Stop - fearing failure and rejections.

Will 2010 be any better?

If the past two years have taught us anything, it's "believe in yourself and your own hunches."

The "experts" were all wrong and only seemed adept at predicting the past, and we were left to our own devices.

Focus on how you can contribute, what you need to stop doing and how to enjoy the here and now.

2010 will be a year to dig your claws in and keep your head up.

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another article by Jason De Luca that can easily be summed up:
"Hey everyone - don't suck"

I must concur with "Anonymous" and challenge JapanInc
as to why they have published an article which is essentially
a list of truisms.

Surmised, this article says "keep your head up and don't do negative things".

I will not be renewing my subscription.

another comment by "Anonymous" that can easily be summed up:
"Hey everyone - I have nothing to add"

I would have said 'Get on with it' and right too.

Thanks Jason, simple but good stuff.

Yeah ? Your article reads like this.

Hey People - guess what ?I'm going to give you some advice

- DON'T fall over and cut yourself . you'll regret it
= don't run out of money - it's a bad idea
- don't succumb to bad luck. It's better to be lucky.
- don't quit your job for no reason. Always have a reason

etc. etc ad nauseaum.

Have you nothing worth adding ?