TT-657 -- Printing Industry in Upheaval, ebiz news from Japan

In February multiple major firms in the printing industry have predicted losses on ordinary operations.


Your Japanese Sales Farce

The force-fullness with which outdated “norms” are protected amazes even my pea brain.

TT-654 -- Next Wave of Micro-fund Business Incubators, ebiz news in Japan

There are numerous announcements of the formation of funds and incubation facilities for Japanese start-ups.


We don’t need another hero

Bruce is at it again, rubbing elbows at the spiffy-dressed gala event, promoting his ego and bragging about how great he, err, the company is.

TT-643 -- Nine Events That Defined Business in 2011, ebiz news from Japan

Events that we think will have repercussions and benefits for Japan for years to come.


Internal Outsourcing

Planning for the future, innovating, and leading others takes time, and that’s one thing most managers say they don’t have enough of.

TT-633 -- Are We in an M&A Bubble? ebiz news from Japan

Over the last 9 months the amount of foreign M&As being done by Japanese companies has been remarkable.


TT-632 -- BPO in Dalian, e-biz news from Japan

High domestic costs and a dwindling market are the drivers for Japanese companies to move abroad.


TT-629 -- Small Companies Get in on M&A Trend, e-biz news from Japan

Despite the big numbers, there is also plenty of action at lower levels, like Osaka firm Endo Lighting.


TT-626 -- Why Ohio Shouldn't Cut its Foreign Offices, e-biz news from Japan.

A decision was made a to reduce the Global Markets team and to possibly cut all the foreign offices.



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