TT-713 -- Do You Really Need an Office in Japan? E-biz news from Japan.

Japan Inc. Holdings assists foreign companies to set up in Japan, assisting with a wide range of situations, challenges, and solutions, so that the client's foreign head office management feel that they are in control.


TT-711 -- Who Will Survive in Print? E-biz news from Japan

Tuesday, June 26th, 2013, marks our final issue of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan magazine, the ACCJ Journal, published since 2008 by Japan Inc. Communications.


Five Things About Haragei: The Japanese Business Language

Even if you have lived in Japan for many years, communication in the business world can often make you feel like you’re playing a constant guessing game. Messages can be hazy, details not specific enough, and questions sometimes seem to be forbidden. You are probably aware that the style of communication in Japan relies heavily on non-verbal cues. However, are you familiar with one of the driving forces behind this implicit style of communication?

TT-704 -- Why Do Deals Get Done in March? E-biz news from Japan.

Corporate planning teams in each company spend most of the year window shopping, and only look to pull the trigger after they've seen everything that is available for that given fiscal year.


TT-701 -- Many More Bankruptcies Next Month? E-biz news from Japan.

While the world looks at Japan and thinks that a recovery is underway, the reality is that up 25% of Japan's functioning (versus dormant) companies are instead tottering on the edge of insolvency.


TT-700 -- Why Kameda May Regret its US Cracker Deal, ebiz news from Japan

Kameda told the Nikkei it was buying MGC because of a familiar reason -- the market in Japan is mature and flat and the firm is looking for growth strategies abroad.


TT-699 -- 2012 Ad Spending Shows Interesting Trends, ebiz news from Japan

Dentsu, the world's largest single-brand advertising agency, has just released the preliminary version of its 2012 report on advertising in Japan.


TT-691 -- 7 Events that Changed Japan in 2012, ebiz news from Japan

Today we take a look back at some of the key events that shaped 2012, including those relevant to non-Japanese living here.



TT-690 -- Cybercrime in Japan, ebiz news from Japan

With the online shopping boom companies and individuals in Japan are moving on to the Internet in a big way, and where they are headed, crooks are sure to follow.


TT-682 -- Entrepreneur Awards and Mentoring, ebiz news from Japan

We were surprised and happy to come across a Stanford University paper, which offers some fascinating facts and figures about the make up of the Japanese entrepreneurial community.



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