TT-625 -- Why is Hitachi Merging with MHI? e-biz news from Japan

This "merger of equals" would create Japan's second largest company after Toyota.


TT-624 -- Is Rakuten Over-extending? e-biz news from Japan

Japan's largest Internet company announced that it is acquiring Tradoria GmbH, Germany's largest online shopping firm.


TT-621 -- Tracking Future CEOs, e-biz news from Japan

We are seeing the trend of younger more internationalized CEOs being promoted from outside the inner sanctum.


TT-617 -- Content Publishers Need a Software Alliance, e-biz news from Japan

Failures helped us learn: to compete you have to be a software company or have a friendly one very close at hand.


Reading Between the Lines

When foreign executives are posted to Japan, they usually face a steep learning curve. Not only do they need to grasp the ins and outs of a unique marketplace, they also need to understand how to operate in a new culture...

TT-603 -- Increasing Professionalism of Company Boards, e-biz news from Japan

External certified directors instead of shareholder activism for more professional corporate governance in Japan.


Slow and steady sets the pace

Time to turtle my friends in this rabid rabbit race.


TT-595 -- Events in 2010 That Will Change Japan, e-biz news from Japan

Our top 10 news items for the year, accompanied by a short analysis of why we think they are important.


Death by Mammoth

Standing strong in the howling wind, spear in hand, wolf-skinned shoulders, mark of the leader on his face and the scars to prove it.


TT-594 -- Online Crowd Sourcing Gets Crowded, e-biz news from Japan

Crowd sourcing, also known as group buying, is a whole new Internet business model.



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