October 2002 Issue

On the cover: Women making a difference in troubled times.
Noriko Kajiki of Office Noa.

October 2002
No. 36

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October 2002 Issue


Radar Screen
Banking on the Net
  Designs for Life: Information Architecture in Tokyo
The lowdown on what it takes to design a little user-friendliness.
  From The Editor
To The Editor
Feedback and comments from our readers...
  Firms May Look For New Home Away From Nasdaq Japan
  Takara to Let Robots Loose in the Home
  Is That a Solar Power Station in Your Pocket, or...?
Resident Registry Network Stumbles Out of Gate
The government says the national registry system will make it easier to apply for social benefits, get passports and deal with other government services.
  The Pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc Newsletters
  Bringing Home the Bacon at the Foreign Buyers' Club
Goodies from back home - to your door in Japan. Alex Stewart is on the case.


  China's New New Economy
China has a new breed of investors and go-ahead entrepreneurs ready to pick up the wireless baton and run with it. Richard Meyer lifts the lid.
Designs for Life: Information Architecture in Tokyo
Craig Mod lobbies for the simple things in life.
Designs for Life: Information Architecture in Tokyo
Craig Mod lobbies for the simple things in life.
  Four decades behind
Recruiter explains why today's Japan resembles the US "30 or 40 years ago" for working women.
  Bringing Women Together
Kaori Sasaki finds ways to harness the power of female entrepreneurs and consumers alike.
  On the Move
Office Noa's Nancy technology may be just the thing for video on the small screen.
  Outstanding individuals
In corporate Japan, women have traditionally been on the outside looking in but a decade of recession has made the time ripe for female entrepreneurs and decision makers. We profile the new movers and shakers.

Investor Insight

The Foreign Take on Japan's Small-Cap Gems


M&A activivity in Japan bucks the global trend
A Yokohama Neighborhood's Battle to Cut Through Red Tape - Part 2
The denouement of our two-parter on the regulation of business in Japan.
Ending relationships by email, favorite dogs, World Cup stats and money-spinning hair restorers.

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