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* Glenn Newman (Case Study, page 44) has practiced law in Tokyo and the United States as Asia counsel for a Silicon Valley-based software and engineering services company and with a Chicago-based multinational law firm. Mr. Newman would like to express his appreciation to Shinzo Yasui, a Japanese attorney, who provided invaluable insights into the Japanese laws and Yokohama regulations cited in this article. Mr. Newman may be contacted at:

* Richard Meyer (China's New New Economy, page 26) lives in Shanghai and writes primarily about China and Japan. He began his career as a journalist in New York and was first based in Asia in 1989, when he was sent to Tokyo as a foreign correspondent for a US magazine. He has reported from most countries in the region and has written about everything from business to law to technology. He also helped found an Internet news site, which failed, and a newspaper, which still survives. Like Thomas Pynchon, he prefers not to have his photograph published.

* Takehiko Kambayashi (Outstanding Individuals, page 12) is a Tokyo-based freelance writer. He has written for The Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor and other US publications. He also contributed a chapter to The Mission: Journalism, Ethics and the World, edited by Joseph B. Atkins and published in January by Iowa State University Press. His book on life in Mississippi (in Japanese) from Kaiho Shuppansha was published in early 2002.

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