Takara to Let Robots Loose in the Home

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Takara to Let Robots Loose in the Home
Could this be a pointer to the future? Designed for use with NTT's JPY19,800 per month FLET'S ADSL Internet service, FLET'S Robo is your automated housemaid, capable of interfacing, to use a suitably futuristic term, with any infra-red capable widgets in your apartment. So if you've left your hi-fi entertaining your neighbors at full-blast and it's IR-capable, just get the bot to shut it off for you and save on a few litigation bills.

It uses infra-red zapping abilities to remotely control your TV, VTR or even the lights in your apartment and can hook up to your PC (no Mac compatibility announced at this stage) via USB. That PC connection goes down the line to your NTT FLET'S service, which in turn can be accessed by your good self using the Internet via your mobile phone or another PC to control the FLET'S Robo remotely.
The little fella can send images over the ether to you too, thanks to its 100,000-pixel CMOS eyes and if you buy it at the same time you sign up for the FLET'S service, the bot comes down to JPY17,800.

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