July 2003 Issue

On the cover: Sakhalin Energy's Molikpaq oil platform rises from the icy seas off the coast of Sakhalin Island, Russia, pumping into the veins of the world. (Photograph by Peter Blakely)

July 2003
No. 45

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July 2003 Issue


  From the Editor
The Editor's page
Investor Insight: A special section for professional investors focused on Japan
Selling to Seniors: The "Grey Panthers" duke it out with the rip-off artists in Japan's new growth market.
  Kyoto's MK Taxi Tries to Transform Japan
Kansai columnist Dominic Al-Badri drives around with Kansai's kindest cabbies.
  Post-Saddam Iraq: Not Much for Japan
Military correspondent and television commentator Michael E. Stanley argues that the war in Iraq only exacerbates Japan's global irrelevance.
  Mitsui Mines for Nanotech Gold
Japan rocks carbon nanotubes; meet Sumio Iijima, nanotech genius.
  Hokkaido's Outdoor Entrepreneur
Can an Australian outdoorsman turn Hokkaido into Colorado?
  Korea Bets on A Digital Future
J@pan Inc treks to Seoul for Korea's biggest IT exhibition and finds lots to celebrate.
  One for the Road
Is there life after lithium? Nanotech fuel cells are tiny and tenacious.
  A Capsule Camera to Save Stomachs
A painless pill-sized camera can see and save what's inside you.
  Tepco's Blackout Bluster
Is Tokyo's energy crisis just a political power play? Leo Lewis finds out.
  The Pulse 2
  The Pulse
Technology and Finance News
  To the Editor
The Editor's page
The Editor's page


  IPv6: Asia's Agent of Change
The US dominates the Net -- but not for long. Author John Alderman investigates IPv6, the most visionary development in Internet Protocol since the 70s, which promises to provide Japan and the rest of Asia with an explosion of Internet addresses, paving the way to a whole new world of electronic gizmos.
  The Sakhalin Oil Boom Part 1: From Poverty to Prospects
On Russia's Sakhalin island, the biggest energy boom on the planet is happening a mere 40 kilometers from the tip of Hokkaido. In the first of our two-part feature, veteran journalist Lucille Craft traces the history of this otherwise desolate former penal colony amid the challenges of radical transformation -- and the potential destruction of its environment.
  Sakhalin's Environmental Quandaries
How to protect the environment while plundering the land.
  The Sakhalin Oil Boom Part 2: Prejudice versus Profit
Fulbright Fellow David Wolman surveys the rigs from a Russian helicopter, soars over the icy terrain of Russo-Japan relations and stops in with Sapporo-based Simon Jackson, who seeks profits by marketing the peripherals. Can the Japanese surmount conflict and the Kuril controversy to cash in?
  Bridging the Gap
New Zealander Simon Jackson might get rich by being the perfect Sakhalin middleman -- in Sapporo.

In Parting

  Niigata: Japan's North Asia Hub
Language difficulties, intense competition and productivity, political instability and poor infrastructure have all made finding a suitable base to service the markets of North Asia a daunting challenge for foreign companies
  Japan's Mobile Internet Roars Back
After the rest of the world wrote them off, Japanese mobile companies are back in the driver's seat.
  Global Success
Why Homare Takenaka believes the Global Service Center concept is ideally suited for success


Carping about crime, our sleek-finned sakana stares into mirrors, TVs and cinemas for a solution.

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