To the Editor

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The Editor's page

by Michael Pitsiladis

Dear Mr. Kelts,

As an avid reader of J@pan Inc over the past two years, I was very surprised by the article by Stuart Braun about the popularity and growth of the club scene in Japan. It was a very accurate and refreshing addition to your issue and provided some good information to the corporate world about how young people really spend their time.

It is stimulating to hear that the entities now shaping the youth culture across Asia are taking the lead in helping this economy recover. It seems that the government's total failure to acknowledge the club scene's popularity with the youth of today and have its laws reviewed is another "nail in the coffin" for the economy. The police turning a blind eye is nothing unusual, as most of your readers will know. The club scene is a massive industry in Tokyo, and people will always look for ways to "let their hair down." And there is so much potential for all to have a piece of this pie. I hope it keeps moving forward and we hear more about it.

Well done to you and to Stuart Braun for a well written and well researched article.


Michael Pitsiladis

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