Pride Before Pitch

For some reason, arrogance has got a bad name, time to set the record straight.

Taking initiative to enhance the value of IIJ

A shareholder takes the initiative with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJI), a Japanese internet service provider.

The Soulless Organization

Fear ignites the survival instinct in even the most ambitious people.

Partners in Climb?

Jason de Luca on how to tell if you're in a healthy business relationship.

Esprit de Core

How to keep staff motivated in bad times, and to keep them in good times.

Workforce management in Japan

We've all heard it. Japan is the fastest aging society in the industrialized world. But how does this impact us now and in the future?

The business case for green HR

This HRA Editorial provides a strong business case in advocating and using sustainable development principles to the practice of the HR profession. Read on and learn how HR and sustainable development can further drive your company's success.

Japan's car makers make a killing on Cash for Clunkers

Perhaps it was the newspaper gene in me that made me screech my car to a halt when I saw a near riot in progress at my local total Toyota dealer...


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