Real music for a virtual world

The two artists, both professional musicians, couldn’t be more different.

One is a live-show powerhouse, playing more than 20 sell-out gigs per month. His fans travel from all over the world just to see him, and many have been following him since the early days. In between concerts, they blog about the shows. During the concerts, they tip so fervently that money literally piles up on the stage.

Low Numbers = My company’s marketing is the problem.

For salespeople selling in these days, we need to make a small but important mentality shift, here goes...

Rakuten vs TBS - The Final Chapter

I cannot understand the meaning of the “Certified Broadcast Holdings Company” Act which came about through the Broadcasting Revision. Because public service is required, a single shareholder is limited to owning less than a third of the company?

Out of the rubble

Nearly four years after a scandal exploded over structurally unsafe housing in Japan, the country's government is set to introduce a new system protecting home and condominium owners against defects in construction...

Shifting gears

Keiretsu corporate networks are innate to the Japanese auto sector, but could this system finally be changing?


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