Rakuten vs TBS - The Final Chapter

I cannot understand the meaning of the “Certified Broadcast Holdings Company” Act which came about through the Broadcasting Revision. Because public service is required, a single shareholder is limited to owning less than a third of the company?

The real meaning of "To Earn is To Win"

So, it’s been written that I said “There is nothing you can’t buy with money” and “You can praise honorable poverty extravagantly because you are so far it,” and it looks like this is a quote from the heading on the first item of my book “To Earn Is To Win” but actually, this is the wrong interpretation and if you read it, you will understand...

Breaking down elitism

The financial market spotlight fell on my old company Livedoor when I split the company’s stocks by 100. That’s basically when public criticism of me really began to build.

At that time, Waseda University’s Tatsuo Uemura and Michio Matsui, President of Matsui Securities, were the most open critics of mine. In some cases, I don’t think I argued against much of the criticism. I used to think that it was a really adult approach to just let the ones who didn’t know what they were talking about talk.

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