GW-290 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

The Kenwood Kseries Silver Limited, the Sports USB Flash Memory and the Sony Walkman NW-A820 Series are the subject of Liam McNulty's last Gadget Watch - thanks Liam. Read Now

WW-171 -- Flat-Rate Wireless Broadband Services

Fierce competition is breaking out in the race to compete in the market for flat-rate broadband. With offerings from all the major carriers, do we detect the presence of a new key player in the shape of EMobile?

JIN-454 -- Japain?

The Economist reports this weeks that Japan's political establishment is leading the economy down the road to ruin. However, is the situation really so dire? And how much do the politicians really matter? Read Now


Terrie's Job Tips -- Limited Japanese Ability – Part Three: The Corporate Hired Gun

I mentioned earlier in this series that I would be creating composite sketches of the background of people who've made it here without having the advantage of strong Japanese ability. "Composite" means that I've drawn from the backgrounds of a number of acquaintances with similar experiences, as related to me, but with the objective of allowing them to stay anonymous.


TT-458 -- Dual Nationality, ebiz news from Japan

Not only has Japan cracked down on foreigners coming in and out of Japan, the government has also started to take more action concerning the issue of dual nationality. To find out what the new measures involve and read some personal experiences of the system Read Terrie's Take Now