WW-178 -- Next generation network technology

Seven years after DoCoMo launched its 3G FOMA services, the company is testing a next generation network technology called LTE or Super 3G. What are the company’s plans and how do they compare to KDDI and Softbank?

WW-178 -- Targeting the PC-less with the AU BOX

Although one of the most high-tech countries in the world, there is still a surprisingly low number of people that own a PC at home. We look at the latest technology to help the PC-less get connected to cyber space.

WW-177 -- Mobile Content and M-Commerce Business Still Growing

The mobile business in Japan is continually growing, with literally thousands of mobile sites popping up continually. With so much money in mobile content and mobile commerce, Wireless Watch takes a look at exactly how big the market is.

WW-176 -- Mobile Content Search – Can Niche Players Play A Role ?

This week's Wireless Watch covers the paid search and how US firm MCN are try to capitalize on their experience in the field in Japan.

WW-175 -- iPhone Introduction in Japan

Finally it's here, released by SoftBank, but what are the prospects for the iPhone in Japan.

WW-174 -- Off-portal sites in Japan see excessive growth

Wireless Watch looks at how Goal.com managed to boost their business in Japan with a little help from a local outfit called UBIT.

WW-173 -- How to turn an incumbent around?

This month's Wireless Watch newsletter takes a look at the changing fortunes of NTT DoCoMo. How is it holding up amongst increased competition? How has it maintained a growth in profits?

WW-172 -- Mr i-mode moves on and EMOBILE starts voice services

Latest round up of wireless industry news with a focus on EMOBILE and its entry into the mobile market.

WW-171 -- Flat-Rate Wireless Broadband Services

Fierce competition is breaking out in the race to compete in the market for flat-rate broadband. With offerings from all the major carriers, do we detect the presence of a new key player in the shape of EMobile?

WW-170 -- Disney loves Softbank - a marketing plan for the saturated mobile market

This month's Wireless Watch takes a look at how Disney and Softbank's collaboration is making a storm in Japan's mobile world.



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