WW-169 -- Keitai for Kids

Despite Japan being one of the safest countries in the world to raise a family, child security features on wirelss devices are a hit with consumers. For the latest on DoCoMo's innovation in this regard Read Wireless Watch Now

WW-168 -- The Smartphone Market in Japan

Wireless Watch explores the market for smartphones in Japan. Includes an exclusive interview with President of HTC Japan, Jennifer Chang. Read Now

WW-167 -- The Navigation Bubble - Who puts Japan back on the global map?

Why is Japan's in-car navigation system not popular abroad?
Wireless Watch looks at leading map-maker Zenrin's expansion in the market and it's comparisons with Japanese mobile phone manufacturers.

WW-166 -- Push mail phones - Finally picking up in Japan?

Wireless Watch looks into the future of push mail phones in Japan. Includes an interview with Darren McKellin, director of maket pioneer Visto whose recent partnership with PTS Consulting puts them in a strong market position. Read Now

WW-165 -- Why did i-mode fail outside of Japan?

Why did i-mode fail outside Japan? Was it really the walled-garden approach? We believe more important factors limited the uptake of i-mode. Read Now

WW-164 -- Jphone Revisited

J@pan Inc's focus on developments in the wireless industry. This time Jphone's transition to Vodafone then Softbank is the subject of Wireless Watch's unique perspective.

WW-163 -- The Mobility of Mobile Phone Policy in Japan

This month's 'WW', Wirless Watch newsletter, looks at the Japanese government's policy on mobile phones and its implications for liberalization of the mobile market in Japan Read Now

WW-162 -- Mobile Commuter Passes Release 2

East Japan Railways (JR East) introduced the mobile version of its Suica commuter passes in January 2006. The phone can be used as a debit card through charging an embedded IC chip. Just like the Suica card, a Mobile Suica compatible phone commuters hold their mobile phone near the sensor of the automatic fare gate to pay and pass through. The Suica phones can also be used as... Read Now

WW-161 -- NTT DoCoMo and McDonald's establish mobile payment and marketing platform

NTT DoCoMo and McDonald's Japan will jointly start an e-marketing initiative based on DoCoMo Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet services. Both companies agreed to establish a joint venture to plan and manage e-marketing promotions to McDonald's new membership club, and the introduction of DoCoMo's iD-platform for mobile-phone credit cards and ToruCa e-coupon service at McDonald's stores.

WW-160 -- New carrier targeting mobile broadband access market with cheap flat rate services

EMOBILE, a new carrier, unfolded its service plans and terminal line up for the domestic market. The company will offer flat rate mobile broadband services and voice. EMOBILE is member of the eAccess Group - an ADSL wholesale provider. Goldman Sachs and TBS, a Tokyo-based broadcasting company, are financially backing EMOBILE's market expansion. Initially, only mobile data services are offered. EMOBILE's flat rate mobile broadband data services...


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