WW-159 -- Location-based Services

Starting in April 2007, the Japanese Government requires that all new third-generation mobile phones support position notification functionality using GPS. The latest 3G-models of the three carriers indeed all come with GPS. Time to take a look what location-based services are offered.

WW-158 -- Dramatic Start of Mobile Number Portability

Misleading advertisements, a complaining CEO on television, a crashing customer registration system - it all happened within 72 hours after the mobile number portability scheme was introduced on October 24. What has been the impact so far on the mobile subscriber base of the three large carriers?

WW-157 -- Blackberry makes entry into Japanese market

DoCoMo started selling the Blackberry 8707h in the Japanese market on September 26. The device supports the 3G-(W-CDMA), GSM- and GPRS-networks and is similar to the Blackberry 8707 sold outside Japan. DoCoMo initially targets foreign companies with this Blackberry - the key board is a QWERTY-type...

WW-156 -- KDDI Goes on the Offensive to Keep Subscribers

KDDI's impressive rollout of new services and handsets is sure to provoke a quick response from DoCoMo and Vodafone / Softbank.

WW-155 -- Mobile Number Portability - Impact on Market Shares

How will the introduction of MNP affect market shares of the carriers?

WW-154 -- Japanese Content Provider Bubble Is Over

The Livedoor scandal was the final fillip that sent share prices of mobile Internet providers on a downward spiral.

WW-153 -- Softbank's Acquisition of Vodafone K.K. Would Benefit Consumers

Vodafone announced last week it was in talks with Softbank to sell its Japan subsidiary. The price tag? USD15 to USD17 billion, according to analysts' estimates. The news was well received by the financial markets, driving up Softbank's market cap. Not much was said, however, about Softbank's motives.

WW-152 -- Essays on a Japanese Vade Mecum

J@pan Inc presents the Wireless Watch Newsletter:


Commentary on Japan's Wireless World

Wireless Watch Newsletter
Issue No. 152
Tokyo, Friday March 3, 2006

++ Viewpoint: Essays on a Japanese Vade Mecum

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WW-151 -- Mobile Phone Viruses - A Threat for Japanese Smart Phones?

In 2004, Nokia 702 phone owners were alarmed suddenly to find their batteries dead after 30 minutes on account of extensive Bluetooth activity of their phones.

WW-150 -- DoCoMo and Sony Spearhead Creation of Virtual Wallet

NTT DoCoMo and Sony have taken the lead to create a mobile Felica-based virtual wallet, with all new phones coming with pre-installed Edy. The combination of mobile Internet and Felica enables many new applications.


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