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Issue No. 171 Thursday February 28, 2008
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Flat-Rate Wireless Broadband Services – Fierce Competition

Mobile carriers are fiercely competing for the wireless
broadband customer. Incumbents NTT DoCoMo and KDDI offer
flat-rate plans, like the new player EMobile. What are the
experiences so far with these services – do you really get value
for money and can you do without your DSL at home?

EMobile, a sister company of broadband provider EAccess, started
wireless broadband services last March. The company has plans
to build its own HSDPA-network using equipment from Ericsson and
Huawei. Initially, service areas were limited to the Tokyo,
Nagoya, and Osaka regions. As of end of January, the company
signed up almost 240,000 customers. Later last year, NTT DoCoMo
and KDDI followed with their own flat-rate services based on
the HSDPA and EVDO Rev.A technologies, respectively. SoftBank
does not offer flat-rate services, yet.

Japanese web magazine ‘BB Watch’ compared the service levels of
the three providers. On paper the HSPDA and EVDO Rev.A network
technologies promise high bandwidths. HSDPA is supposed to have
a dowlnload speed of 7.2 Mbps and 384 kbps for uploads, while
EVDO should offer 3.1 Mbps download and 1.8 Mbps upload speeds.
BB Watch did field tests at two locations in Tokyo measuring
download and upload speeds for the three services. EMobile and
NTT DoCoMo scored best with download speeds of about 1.7 Mbps.
With just over 150 kbps, KDDI’s performance was rather

EMobile is the only service provider that does not limit the
amount of data or type of traffic. NTT DoCoMo only allows web
browsing and email over its network - P2P, FTP, and streaming
data traffic is blocked. Therefore, Skype services can't be used
to make cheap phone calls. This limitation can be overcome by
using a VPN connection that can prevent the carrier detecting
what type of traffic is transmitted over its network. However,
network speeds will then drop dramatically to several 10s of

Regarding service fees, EMobile is also the most attractive –
a monthly ‘all-you-can-eat’ data fee of 4,980 yen (55 US$). NTT
DoCoMo and KDDI charge 6,930 and 10,500 yen, respectively.

EMobile weakest point is its limited service area. It is
aggressively expanding its coverage and plans to complete a
nationwide network by 2010. Currently, service is mainly
available in larger cities and coverage – in particular
underground – is still patchy.

EMobile will start voice services in March 2008. After
SoftBank’s acquisition of Vodafone Japan, it seems another new
entrant in the wireless market is forcing incumbents NTT DoCoMo
and KDDI to become even more competitive.

By Arjen Van Blokland

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Emobile is not living up to their promise. each day when I use the wireless service out and about the various locations in Okinawa, the system fails to connect as said.
Even numerous calls to their so-called customer service and vene their tech section for help has gone in vain, as they are unable to provide any help in why connections continue to drop out.

Unhappy with emobile service and equipment The D31HW. Which is the newest model for wifi use when on the go.