November 2002 Issue

On the cover: (Clockwise from left top) Taikichiro Mori, Minoru Mori, Roppongi Hills and Hiroo Mori.
Photograph of Hiroo Mori by Eiko Nishida.

November 2002
No. 37

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November 2002 Issue


  It's Our Birthday Again: We're thinner and poorer as we turn three, but dammit, we're still here!!
Wow. What a year. We know what pediatricians mean when they talk about the "terrible twos." Our last year was one of transition -- from a magazine that grew up in the Internet bubble to a magazine that knows how to survive in an anemic economy. It was also a transition in terms of what we covered; while tech news is still our bread and butter, we branched out into politics and economics and even covered some social issues only tangentially related to tech. So here we are -- thinner, wiser and more, shall we say, fiscally responsible, and we're still covering the world's second biggest economy. Gotta love it.
  Women's Business
A New Zealand entrepreneur hits the right note with Japanese consumers by offering organic feminine products through her Web site.
To the Editor
Read what our readers have to say...
  How much is an Innovative Engineer Worth?
Shuji Nakamura is something of a folk hero...
  News Mix
- eBank to start money transfer via email
- Tokyo cheapest when it comes to broadband
- Mitsubishi Corp. to Launch a buyout fund in the US
  KDDI Handsets Go to the Movies
KDDI is out to get its share of the market
  Remote Mail Venture Remains Robust; IPOed in September
Despite the planned withdrawal of Nasdaq US from Japan, some companies --like Net Village -- went ahead with plans to go public on Nasdaq Japan.
  The pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc Newsletters: Gadget Watch, Wireless Watch and Music Media Watch
  Conspiracy Theories - Some Calls Are More Equal Than Others
Ever notice how much money a call from a fixed line to a cell phone costs? There's a very good reason.
  Homemaking on the fly
The home of the future will include cooking by keitai.


  Digital Osaka
Japan's second city is trying to revive parts of its downtown by turning it into a high-tech haven. Is the plan smart or does it reek of desperation? Alex Stewart is on the case.
  The Death of Wetland
Photographer Michael Stanley brings us the first in an occasional series that looks at Japan's government spending through the lens of a camera. First stop: Isehaya Bay.
  First Tokyo, Then the World
The Mori Building Co. is run by one of Japan's richest families, and patriarch Minoru Mori seems to have the ambition to match his bankroll - for starters, he's out to change Japan.


  A Web of Rules
Two veteran lawyers take us through the fast-changing world of Internet law in Japan.
  How Japan's electronics makers are faring.
Shaky Recovery: Japan's Growth Depends On Demand from Asia


Sportsmen and women, the millionaire club and the benefits of math.

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