May 2003 Issue

On the cover: Producers and DJs Takeo Yatabe and Sabi Takahashi of Womb and Form, Inc. prepare for another visionary night at their Tokyo club.

May 2003
No. 43

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May 2003 Issue


Editor's page
  To the Editor
Japan's micro strengths -- whipped-up spume on a stagnant sea?
  Humane Management
The outplacement industry rises to the challenge of restructuring.
  A Global Standard
True global roaming on your cellphone.
  The Matrix Redux
A series of anime films will link "The Matrix" with its sequel.
  Out of a War-Torn World
Young Osamu Tezuka's wartime experiences forged the basis for Astro Boy, writes Dominic Al-Badri.
The Low Cost of Living in Japan
Mark McCracken argues that it's easy to cut costs in Japan.
  Buffalo Burgers, Anyone?
It's buffalo versus beef in Japan's meat wars.
  China's Visionary B2B CEO Jack Ma has a vision: Helping small companies buy and sell goods through his sites.
Convenience (done cheap) is the King of Cool
Video giant Tsutaya and convenience store chain Lawson call out to deflation's kids.
  Two Japans
Political analyst Minoru Morita talks about the widening gap between wealthy Tokyo and the rest of the country.
  Price Slashers
Cash-and-carry wholesalers in Tokyo treat the latest gadgets like groceries -- if the goods sit on the shelf for a day, they lower the price.
  Japan's Fast Food Funk
Is the king of fast food at risk of becoming the first major deflation victim? Leo Lewis investigates.
  The Pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc's newsletters
  The Pulse
Technology and Finance News
From the Editor
Editor's page


  The Night is Still Young
Stuart Braun stays up late to find out why Tokyo's clubs pulse with recession-beating energy. Braun also talks with Sabi Takahashi and Takeo Yatabe of Womb and Form, Inc., about their success in connecting corporate marketers to the creatures of the night.
  Sabi Takahashi and Takeo Yatabe: Form, Inc.
"We create concepts. That's our real job, because the marketing agencies don't know what young people think or want"
  Stalking the Corporate Corridors
Japan's historically passive shareholders are starting to speak out after years of wealth destruction and corporate scandal. Kabunushi Ombudsman, a group of activist lawyers in Osaka, is leading the charge.
KO's Method of Operation
Stalking the Corporate Corridors' side bar.
Growing Investor Activism
The laissez faire era of corporate governance may be drawing to a close.
  A Lonely World
Jaded students who have few hopes of finding fruitful careers at home are heading overseas. But life is not easy for the expat students, even if mom and dad are often picking up the tab.
  A Bittersweet Graduation
The Class of 2003 finds little hope at home


Christmas wish list, singing along in Saitama and trends in pasta.

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