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STUART BRAUN (The Night is Still Young) is from Sydney, Australia, and has been an editor and freelance writer in Japan for almost three years. He has written about popular culture, travel, economics and the environment for Blueprint and Qantas. He holds a PhD in History. In Tokyo, he can be found after hours behind a drum kit in the city's bars and clubs.

DOMINIC AL-BADRI (Out of a War-Torn World) is editor of Kansai Time Out magazine and a regular contributor to Fodor's Japan and The Rough Guide to Japan. He has also written for Wired and New Media Creative. Dominic was born in the UK, but left when he was 19 days old and was raised in the Middle East. He graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of London, moved to Japan in 1992 and settled in the Kansai area, where he enjoys listening to Sun Ra over breakfast.

AYAI TOMISAWA (Price Slashers) is a Tokyo-based writer, specializing in technology and related issues. Her work has appeared in the International Herald Tribune/Asahi Shimbun and other publications. As a former New Yorker, she is a keen traveler, especially in the gastronomic sense. Other interests besides traveling and writing include taking a year off to visit a Spanish-speaking country. She majored in Spanish at Sophia University.

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