January 2003 Issue

On the cover: Financial services minister Heizo Takenaka answers questions from reporters.

January 2003
No. 39

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January 2003 Issue


  THE PULSE 1 - from the heart of Tokyo
- Offices for Half price
- Telecom Story
-Government worried about foreitn Exodus from stock market.
Radar Screen
  Feeding that Foreign TV Habit
TV fans turn to broadband and P2P applications to find their favorite shows.
  Hot Dog
Learning to understand Fido with Takara's dog translator, Bowlingual.
  Test Time for Universities
One university vies for students by arming them with laptops and loads of free Internet connections.
  Cars for the M Generation
The new WiLL CYPHA makes Internet technology standard equipment.
- Portable Wizardry from WiLL
- France's Brand New Baby I-mode
- Wildseed on Making Ringtones Sing
  Did you know?
- Feeding your pet through your cellphone - Microsoft to let government see source code
  Japan's TV Broadcasters Trail in Race to Go Digital
Japan still trails the US, Europe and South Korea in the field of terrestrial digital broadcasts.
  To The Editor
What do our readers think?
  Debunking Japanese Stereotypes
Americans value collectivism more than Japanese


Decoding More Bond Bloopers
  Dr. Oh No! The name is Bomb. James Bomb.
Suffering scribe Mark Schreiber frees the world's favorite secret agent from the horrible clutches of translation software.
  HEALTH CARE A Year of Smoke and Mirrors
2003 will be a year with more bark than bite
THE WEB Standing at the Crossroads
Corporate Japan is at a bifurcation point regarding its use of the Web. Not "approaching," but "at."
  SOCIETY Future Imperfect
"They have no awareness of the problem, and our society can't go on like that. The economy will get worse, but it serves us right."
  THE ECONOMY Contraction, Rise in Unemployment Ahead
The economy is likely to shrink for the third year in a row on a calendar year basis, and the unemployment rate will start to rise again.
  The Koizumi Cabinet Sheep To The Slaughter
When the Koizumi people told us they could revive Japan's economy by privatizing the Highway Corporation or the post offices, we knew they were into rearranging Titanic deckchairs.
  The Year Ahead
A host of writers and analysts peer into their crystal balls with us and make predictions about everything from Takenaka's remedy for economic revitalization to medical care in 2003.
  Anime in America
Japan's animated movies have risen from cult status to cultural force in the US. Now the moviemakers are out to win approval from Mom and Dad.

Investor Insight

  Nanotechnology in Japan
A special section for investors focused on Japan


  So Much for "Buy and Hold"
Discard that "buy and hold" logic or the bears will eat you alive, warns analyst Darrel Whitten.


Favorite athletes, how to apologize properly, moonlighting and lots of mineral water.

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