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MARK MCCRACKEN(Feeding that Foreign TV Habit) is an 11-year Osaka area resident who makes a great margarita. Shortly after earning a BA from Bradley University, he began teaching finance and English in Japan. His first book, 25 Business Skills in English, is due to be published in March 2003. He worked part time at FM802 in Osaka as a headline news announcer and can still be heard on rare occasions doing short on-air vocal work. He managed to make and lose a small fortune on Internet stocks and began contributing to J@pan Inc in September 2000. Originally a Chicago area native, he has been to Universal Studios Japan 20 times and is highly skilled at the worthless talent of being able to play the harmonica without using his hands.

DIPIKA KOHLI (Test Time for Universities) is a writer based in County Cork, Ireland. She has lived in Kyoto and Tokyo and continues to return to Japan. Dipika contributes to newspapers and magazines and enjoys photography. She can be reached at

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