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For the Occasional Hotspot User
To tap into the many wireless LAN hotspots found in Japan today, all you need is a laptop, a wireless LAN card and a provider. You can get connections at your local Starbucks, McDonald's and many other chain food stores.
But why pay a monthly fee if you use hotspot wireless connections
only once or twice a month?
You don't have to with @nifty Hotspot, which offers wireless connections for a daily fee of JPY350. And frequent users can sign up for 24/7 connections for JPY1,400 a month. Special discounts are available during a campaign that lasts until the end of February.


Interpreters to the Rescue
Being in Japan can be tough if you don't speak the language. What if somebody suddenly shows up at your door babbling something you don't understand? Or your secretary may call in sick and you may have to take an important business call in Japanese.
World Support offers emergency interpreting services over the phone. The system is simple: Just call the service counter, and they'll connect you with an interpreter who can help you over the phone. The company's service covers English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Korean. The basic JPY20,000 package covers up to 10 calls a month; JPY50,000 covers up to 30.


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