April 2003 Issue

On the cover: Smaller funds steal the action in the crowded buyout world. Advantage Partners' Richard Folsom tells us how.

April 2003
No. 42

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April 2003 Issue


  To the Editor
We received this letter from the author of A Japanese Visa Handbook in response to a column by our publisher, Terrie Lloyd, on WorkinJapan.com
Plenty of Japanese-language domain names may be up for grabs this spring.
  Blast from the Past
Chakugoe give the dead a new voice.
  Birthday 'Bot
Japan's most famous superhero is back in a big way.
  Development of Non-karaoke Mobile Music Is Slow but Under Way
We all know that karaoke applications are big in Japan, but what about non-karaoke mobile music software?
  All Aboard! Next Stop: Digital Print Station
Next-Generation Digital Photo Vending Machines
  The Pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc's newsletters
  In Brief
Sotec Teams with PC Depot -- ADSL Price War Hits New Low
  Boozing Japan -- Government to Deregulate Licensing
JAPAN IS ONE OF the few countries where you can buy booze 24 hours a day -- and it is about to become boozier.
  New International School Breaks from Mold
Lower tuition, financial aid for families paying their own way and a more flexible approach toward students having troubles in the classroom.
  Is Japan A Promised Land for Korean Java Engineers?
More Java-savvy Korean engineers are viewing Japan as a place for future employment.
Lauren Sarti -- Michael E. Stanley -- Steve Myers
  From the Editor
Japan's Hippest Export: Art -- The SDF's Identity Crisis -- Atom's Birthday Bash


  Make Deals or Die
Buyouts Claw Their Way through a Crowded Marketplace
  Small But Steady
Advantage Partners cofounder Richard Folsom talks with J@pan Inc's Sumie Kawakami about the buyout business in Japan.
  Japan's Hippest Export
Japanese art is embraced in the West with anime and manga leading the way.
  In Defense of the Realm
Just where are the Self-Defense Forces headed in these dark times?

Investor Insight

  The Debate Over Corporate Governance
The top-down debate rages on about just what the government and the Bank of Japan can do to revitalize Japan's economy, eradicate deflation and liquidate the growing mountain of nonperforming loans.


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