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Lauren Sarti -- Michael E. Stanley -- Steve Myers

LAUREN SARTI (The Power of Tokyo Street Style, page 32) is a freelance journalist from Sydney, Australia, who for the past few years has been based with Australian Associated Press, where she has been working in online news and multimedia content. Lauren has worked as a fashion stylist in Sydney and New York and in script development with theater and film companies in Australia. This is her first article for J@pan Inc.

MICHAEL E. STANLEY (In Defense of the Realm, page 44) arrived in Japan from California in 1979. The Japanese economy took off and the assignments that came in were just too good to pass up. His photographic penchant for difficult environments saw him working in such places as rain forests, deserts, underwater on coral reefs and in US and Japanese fighter planes for various Japanese publishers. His work has appeared in a diverse assortment of magazines, such as Ginka, Sinra, Elle Japon, Premiere, Shukan Bunshun, Mainichi Graph, Number and Bungeishunju. He has just finished a five-year stint teaching at Tama University, and is now working on two different photography books, one of which deals with a field he studied in his university days and continues to pursue: the archaeology of Japan.

STEVE MYERS (Development of Non-Karaoke Mobile Music Is Slow but Under Way, page 8) has been developing musical software applications for over 11 years, combining his talents as a musician with his software skills. In addition to writing the Music Media Watch newsletter for J@pan Inc, he heads the Theta Group at Layer-8 Technologies, which specializes in the development of music-related software and technologies. When not developing music software, Steve can be found playing guitar at various live houses around Tokyo with his band, the Moonshots (

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