TT-701 -- Many More Bankruptcies Next Month? E-biz news from Japan.

While the world looks at Japan and thinks that a recovery is underway, the reality is that up 25% of Japan's functioning (versus dormant) companies are instead tottering on the edge of insolvency.


TT-696 -- Choosing Not to Work Full-time, ebiz news from Japan

The percentage of non-regular to full-time workers is now a record 28.75%, almost 18m people (there are 62m in the workforce), and this is not just a temporary trend.


TT-688 -- What Will Happen to Panasonic and Sony? Ebiz news from Japan.

Shock waves went through the Japanese share market last week after ratings of Sony and Panasonic, two of Japan's bedrock electronics manufacturing companies, have been cut to junk grade.


TT-683 -- Record Low Bankruptcies -- Calm Before the Storm? Ebiz news from Japan.

Over the last 3 months, the trend of fewer bankruptcies is gathering momentum and under normal circumstances one might might be forgiven for thinking that the economy is recovering.


Debunking the Demographics Irrelevance Proposition

In a seminal paper [1] from 1958, Franco Modigliani and Merton H Miller showed why investors should not care about whether firms were financed with debt or equity...

Pushing the Reset Button On Japan

The past week has showed the dark side of media coverage and analysis of current events and a test on just how much information you stuff down the public's throat.

TT-604 -- Why Japan Needs the TPP Trade Pact, e-biz news from Japan

PM Naoto Kan announced to bring Japan into the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact.


TT-599 -- Rate of Pensioner Shoplifting Surges, e-biz news from Japan

More and more seniors being driven to shoplifting because of the economy and other factors.


TT-595 -- Events in 2010 That Will Change Japan, e-biz news from Japan

Our top 10 news items for the year, accompanied by a short analysis of why we think they are important.


TT-593 -- Economics of Not Having a Korean War, e-biz news from Japan

When bombarding South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island, North Korea reminded how irrational and dangerous it can be.



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