Gold and the Punchbowl

I have used the metaphor of Japan as a bumblebee before and while I believe that the story on Japanese savings may just be a little more complicated than many believe...


TT-580 -- Poverty Amongst Young Adults, e-biz news from Japan

It seems now that many young people are forced by the economy rather than by choice to live with their parents.


TT-560 -- Asian Tourists Mean Cash, ebiz news from Japan

The propensity of Asian tourists to shop, eat, and pay for good service underlines their emerging importance to Japan's economy.


Dollar bears on the retreat

Year end markets often see a bout of profit taking following a one way market and this year should see the same. However, the uncertainty in the UAE could see the Yen strengthen one more time before following the European currencies...


TT-543 -- Watami: from food to old fogies, ebiz news from Japan

A restaurant chain, Watami, is providing people with a way to enjoy themselves but at a much lower price than a year ago.


TT-541 -- Another recession in 2010 -- bear or bull?, ebiz news from Japan

Is Japan unlikely to sink back into a double-dip recession?


The yen strengthens on the DJP whitewash

...but for how long will this last before things revert back to the way they were?


TT-525 -- A coming surge in mortgage defaults? , ebiz news from Japan.

Could no-deposit mortgages create another subprime problem?


The Economy -- The Big Slip

Illustration of a car in the dark in front of a wall.By Edward Hugh and Claus Vistesen

What has happened to Japan’s economy?

Japan’s economy just does not seem to be able to catch a break at the moment. GDP contracted at an annual pace of over 15.2 percent in the first three months of this year, while industrial output fell by over 34.5 percent following a contraction in exports which was nearer to the 40 percent mark.




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