TT-515 -- Sophie's choice by government funds, ebiz news from Japan

Should large companies be getting public help?



Japan lost, but not dead, in deflation

For Japan, the 1990s are commonly referred to as the "lost decade." Those that know me are aware that I look beyond that and actually regard a quarter-century as the appropriate "lost" duration...

Pricey Japanese stocks?

Pricey, and Japanese stocks, are typically not heard together in the same sentence. However, since last September’s market rout, earnings have deteriorated to the point that the Nikkei 225 is trading at over 175x forward earnings ... proceed with caution.

TT-511 -- The Power of Rumors, ebiz news from Japan

Internet slander: can the law keep up?



Economy: America is Not Japan

Jesper KollBy Jesper Koll

The re-regulation and nationalization of the US banking system is a far cry from the dark days here following the bubble era.


JIN-487 -- "Always look on the bright side of life" and other things the BOJ didn't say

Well it's official - according to the Bank of Japan, the economy's expansion has halted. Read Now

JIN-486 -- Voters call for economic salvation before election

The popularity of Taro Aso's cabinet has already started sinking and if a new opinion poll speaks the truth, it looks like the LDP will have to inject a bit of hope into the economy, before an election is called. Read Now

Economy: Yes, Growth in Japan

Jesper KollBy Jesper Koll -- The Koizumi era encouraged real economic growth with passion. But what can corporate Japan expect from its political leaders now? It’s Autumn 2008, and Japan’s Prime Minister faces a simple policy challenge: How to prevent recession in the worlds’ second largest economy? The good news is that Japan still has ample room on all policy fronts to stimulate economic growth and fend off a slump.



JIN-482 -- Lehman collapse will test the safety of the Japanese economy

Japan's business leaders are shrugging off the severity of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and its aftershocks - so why worry? Read Now

Japan: Global Star-Performer

Jesper KollJesper KollBy Jesper Koll -- The first installment of a new regular column on the Japanese economy and why it is a powerful force in shaping our global futures -- In the summer of 2008, the global economy faced unprecedented challenges. Torn between the threat of asset deflation in the US and rampant commodity price inflation in emerging markets, something had to give. A global slowdown seemed inevitable. For forward-looking investors, the really interesting question is which country and which market is likely to emerge as the winner once the downturn-dust settles.




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