Spring 2006 Issue

On the cover: New companies add oomph to Japan's lingerie market.

Spring 2006
(April 2006)
No. 67

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April 2006 Issue

  So Fast Makes Distribution Work
The logistics consultant that all foreign firms should know.
By Eri Minagawa
  U-Turns for Profit
Japanese electronics manufacturers prove you can go home again
By Arjen van Blokland
  Sonic Boom
Tokyo to New York in six hours by 2025.
By Willhemina Wahlin
  Stemming the Suicide Tsunami
NPOSSC will navigate Japan's byzantine counseling sector
By John Dodd
  Create Your Own Space
A seminar providing the single woman with investment information.
By Eri Minagawa
  Looking for Shanghai Lil
The Cliffside Club At Sixty.
By Burritt Sabin
  Sexy Biz
New companies add oomph to Japan's lingerie market.
By Kym Hutcheon
A guide to foreign companies' favorite areas in Minato-ku.
By Dylan Robertson
  An Invention a Month for 50 Years
Re-tec's Junichi Hisamatsu mines an inventor's fertile mind for gold.
By Terrie Lloyd
  The Great Firewall of Cyberspace
Are our efforts at prevention worth the crime?
By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine

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