October 2000 Issue

On the cover: Ikuo Nishioka
Photographed by Matthias Ley

October 2000
No. 12

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October 2000 Issue


  Ikuo Nishioka: Venture Hobbyist
The head of Intel Japan retired early to spend more time with his family. One of his favorite new hobbies: sending wireless Web startups sky high via the JPY 6.5 billion Mobile Internet Capital Fund.
  NTT's Lowered Interconnect Fees: The Beginning of the Beginning
It took something as powerful as the New Economy to do it, but NTT's outrageously high interconnect fees are finally being lowered.
  Selling to Japan Online
If you're a Net retailer hoping to beat the B2C odds this holiday season, why not tap the world's second-largest economy? First, though, learn how to "click" with the Japanese eshopper.


  Wireless Walls
Are mobile surfers boxed into a walled garden?
  The Net Gets a New Look: Japanese
IPv6 promises to refashion the Net, and this time the Japanese aren't letting the Americans make all the decisions.
  Chieko's Diary
Our research editor is an avid i-mode user, so, to better understand the phenomenon, we asked her to keep track of how she uses the service in her daily life.
  Daytrading Delayed
Online trading is taking off in Japan, but, thanks to onerous government and industry regulations, widespread US-style daytrading will have to wait.


  Yoshiaki Sakito
He's been with big companies, done big things. Now he heads up the biggest free ISP in Japan, livedoor. But can a free ISP survive when dot-coms everywhere are dropping like flies?
Masataka Kurihara
From online forum moderator to CEO of successful tech integrator Gluegent, this 28-year-old says if you can't buy it off the shelf, just make it yourself.
Seiichiro Yonekura
His "Model J" approach to management could lead Japan out of its technological wilderness and change the world's perception of the nation's innovative capacity.
Hirohiko Sasaki
This businessman/author says his meishi-exchange service is truly new, and he wants to make it a global multilingual service from Japan.


  Joi's Diary
People think the Net happens on top of voice. It's the other way around. Voice is part of the Net and will eventually become free.


  Japan Studies
Japan's desire for lifelong learning presents major business opportunities.
(PDF-formatted file, Acrobat 4.0 or later required)
What time of day do most Japanese surf?


  Fun 'n Games in the New Economy
Japan dominates in videogames, but wireless and broadband are changing the rules. Who will rack up the points now?
Online Gift Certificates
Giftken.com hopes its service will be well received in a gift-giving nation.
Cross-Cultural Incubator
eCrossing is betting that world-class management, an innovative incubation model, and plenty of Japanese experience will make it the idealab of Japan.
Online Marketing With AI
Silver Egg Technology claims its AIgent gets to know you well enough to make shopping recommendations that aren't inane.
On Our Radar Screen
Some interesting companies we're keeping an eye on.

In Parting

  Restaurant: Massa
A Terrific Italian Restaurant in Tokyo Run by a 30-Year-Old "Iron Chef."
  Art Department
"Sharing options" is what an art form called renga is all about.
The inside poop on TOTO's Washlet, the i-mode of the commode industry.

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