January 2004 Issue

On the cover: A blast of binaries amid whorls of Chinese carries multiple meanings. Illustration by David Beattie. "I cannot vouch for the digital quality of cocaine." -- Digital Dragons

January 2004
No. 51

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January 2004 Issue


  To the Editor
Deciding what happens and the desire to change
The Editor's page.
  From the Editor
Don't look back.
  The Pulse 1
-- Ashikaga Implodes.
-- ATR Innovates.
  The Pulse 2
Technology and Finance News.
  No Longer Sure about Sony
How Japan's global electronics giant fell asleep at the wheel.
  Selling Safety gets Serious
Security giant Secom soars on a mix of media hype and menace.
  The Bloom is off the Boom, and the Yen also Rises
Our analyst sees the market dipping as currencies play power games.
  In Search of Shikoku's Youth
Our intrepid columnist treks from bridges to bullfights.


  Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Attorney Glenn Newman explains the protocol and potential pitfalls of divorcing your Japan-based distributor.
  Digital Dragons
Jan Krikke takes us through a time machine of technology and tradition to answer a nagging question: Is there something inherently digital about Asia?
  The DoCoMo Mojo
Authors Chetan Sharma and Yasuhisa Nakamura deconstruct DoCoMo's dramatic success -- and reveal why Europe and the US are failing the grade.

News & Info

  Getting an Education in Tokyo
From kindergarten to college, the opportunities for an English-language education in Tokyo have never been better. But how do you make the right choice?


On super cellphones, superior CEOs and selling sleep.

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