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The Editor's page.

Jan Krikke (Digital Dragons) is the former correspondent of the Netherlands Press Association in Tokyo, and the former managing editor of Asia2000 in Hong Kong. Currently based in Thailand, he is Asia correspondent for the Dutch ICT weekly AG, and a frequent contributor to IEEE periodicals, ECT News Network and other publi-cations. He writes on multimedia, mobile gaming, computer graphics, robotics and open source software, and has a special interest in the role of East Asian culture in the develop-ment of modern technology.


Chetan Sharma (The DoCoMo Mojo) is an industry expert in the implementation of wireless Internet and computing ideas and solutions. He has a background in developing distributed network-based tech-nologies for the wireless Industry, including experience managing and delivering all phases of the system development cycle. Sharma has assisted some of the most prominent telecom operators in North America, Europe and Asia. He is based in Seattle, and can be found online at:


Yasuhisa Nakamura (The DoCoMo Mojo) is a specialist in the wireless telecom-munications industry with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1980 and joined NTT Electrical Commun-ication labs doing research in digital radio transmission systems. Dr. Nakamura joined NTT DoCoMo in December 1998 as executive senior manager of PHS business planning. He was nominated in 2001 as a senior vice president of NTT DoCoMo and is now based in Tokyo.

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