December 2003 Issue

On the cover: Just in time for the holidays, the latest Aibo shimmers with comfort and joy. Photograph ©Sony Corporation. "Japanese culture abounds with stories of friendly robots like Atom Boy. In the West, we have killer robots -- like the Terminator." -- A Robopet Revolution

December 2003
No. 50

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December 2003 Issue


The Editor's page.
  Dances in the Dark
A generous glimpse at a Japan you only thought you knew.
  Kirin Plaza Osaka Applies Brains to Beer
An unsung Osaka landmark turns slaking thirst into an education.
  Japanese FDI and the China Challenge
The where, when, how and why of Japan-to-China FDI.
  Studio Ghibli: Japan's Anime Dream Factory
An inside look at Hayao Miyazaki's magic kingdom.
  Rallies in Domestic Markets are Driven by Surging Overseas Stats
Money master Darryl Whitten weighs in.
  Osaka Revitalization amid Plummeting Prices
Japan's "second city" seeks to save its plummeting prices.
  Keitai Care: James Nakagawa's Mobile Marvel
Mobile medical care from an entrepreneur fast on the make.
  Frozen Fish That Tastes Fresh -- Really!
Scary but true, Hokkaido's iced sushi is coming to you.
  The Pulse 2
Technology and Finance News.
  Pulse 1
-- The Pension Problem in Japan.
-- Too Dangerous to Document?
  To the Editors
Asking for a miracle?
  From the Editor
Here in Japan, there are lots of bright beginnings to celebrate.


  Digital Television's December Descent
Like shooting stars across a winter sky, satellite digital television signals are streaking to earth for the first time ever in Japan. Starting this month, super-sharp TV hits the ground running. Tune in.
  A Robopet Revolution
Blue Christmas? The latest breed of Robot pets bows and wows consumers with greater sensitivity and savvy. Buy into the "comfort toy" phenomenon, and you'll never be lonely again.
  Driving Ms Denwa
Jeff Funk phones in with news from his latest book, Mobile Disruption: Key Technologies and Applications that are Driving the Mobile Internet, published this month. According to the author, we ain't seen (or heard) nothing yet.

News & Info

  Real Estate Rags to Riches
Coyo's Mizukami: King of Factory Leasing
  The Measure of One's Worth: Real Estate
Japan has always been heavily populated and short of land. Only about 28 percent of Japan's land mass is inhabitable, so it's no surprise that one of Japan's most precious commodities today is real estate.


  Fulsome figures
On networking, booze and battling the blahs.

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