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The Editor's page

Geoff Botting (Digital Television's December Decent, page 28) is a Canadian who has lived in Japan for over 15 years. After finishing his studies in Japanese at Nihongo Gakko in Osaka during the bubble years, Geoff found the country so fascinating he decided to stay. He has worked as a writer, translator and editor at NHK, the Mainichi Daily News and Kyodo News. Most recently he has been working as a freelance journalist based in Tokyo, exploring the nexus of business and culture.
Mark Mccraken (Too Dangerous to Document, page 7) has lived in the Kansai area of Japan for 13 years. When he's not working on completing his Master's Degree in Education, Mark enjoys making margaritas, eating sweet Japanese watermelon, teaching English, working for a translation company, visiting Universal Studios Japan and writing for J@pan Inc. His first book, 25 Business Skills in English, was recently published. His last article for the magazine appeared in September.
Jeff Funk (Driving Ms. Denwa, page 56) has been following Japanese industry for more than 15 years as a businessman and professor. He has taught at Penn State University and Kobe University, and is now Professor of Business at Hito-tsubashi University. He has written three books on the mobile phone industry, the most recent of which, Mobile Disruption: The Technologies and Applications that are Driving the Mobile Internet, is published this month by John Wiley & Sons.

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