Autumn 2005 Issue

On the cover: The Transition to a Ubiquitous Internet Society

Autumn 2005
(October 2005)
No. 65

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October 2005 Issue

Could a synergized Sony be set to stage a comeback?
By James A. Corbett
  REALITY SUSHI 2001-2005
"Is Tabloid Tokyo's Japan... the 'real Japan?' " asks Michael Hoffman in the book's preface. "Not the real Japan, but certainly a real Japan, or a part of the real Japan."
By Burritt Sabin
  The Top of the Market Gets Even Better
The Continuing Evolution of Tokyo's Prime Office Districts
By Dylan Robertson
  Global Roaming
Can I use my mobile phone in Japan? That depends. Read on for an update on roaming in Japan.
By Arjen van Blokland
  Managing the Ubit Equation Content Out, Money In
How Does an International Mobile Venture Firm Stay Two Years Ahead of the Competition?
By John Dodd / Photos by Andy Rain
  The New Internet
The Transition to a Ubiquitous Internet Society
By Jack Turner
  India IT Club
A Journey to Far Reaches and Riches
By Terrie Lloyd
  Tongue-tied Science?
Scientifically speaking who wins and who loses if English becomes the language of the laboratory in Japan?
By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine
  High Flying Solutions for the Air Transport Industry
SITA continues to help the airline industry reduce expenditures and still provide enhanced services to customers.
By James A. Corbett
  Time Traveler
A roundup of Japanese news one hundred years ago
Compiled by the editor
  Ardepro's Win-Win Formula
The used housing meister's holistic approach earns top profits and leaves money in buyers' pockets
By John Dodd / Photos by Andy Rain
  "How do you do?"
Close encounters of a humanoid kind
By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine
  Kanpai to the Japanese Whisky Industry!
By Kym Hutcheon / Photos by Andy Rain
  The Embodiment of Jean-Henri Fabre
Boys hunt beetles...and discover the poet of insects
By Burritt Sabin

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