JIN Is Useful - How About Posting It Via AvantGo?

Very useful weekly summary. Thanks. Any chance you could also provide this newsletter via AvantGo (http://avantgo.com/frontdoor/index.html) to facilitate quick transfer to PDAs?

Malcolm Mahs
New Zealand Embassy

(Editor's reply: We're working with the AvantGo folks now. Thanks for your comments.)


Wireless Predictions - A Reader/Writer Discussion

(Editor's note: The following is a back-and-forth between Patrick Conway and Renfield Kuroda, who wrote "Wireless Predictions for 2001.")

PC: Very good article. I like your originality and style. I have a couple of questions.

RK: Thanks.


Getting Crazy With the Keitai

I happened to browse through and found this article very interesting ... and logical. Definitely dropping coins is much simpler :-). Why make things more complicated with digital and i-mode?

Keep it up ... I will keep browsing your site.

Clifford Teo


Needed: Consulting on Consultants

I read your recent article on Web consultants in Japan with great interest. I have a few questions that I was hoping you could help me with, or possibly provide leads as to how I can get them answered.


ISDN the Only Option for Some

From your 2/11/2001 newsletter:
"So why the short connect time? Of course, maybe ISDN users are just busy: they certainly don't seem to have the time to notice that they can get a better, faster connection for the same price from ADSL vendors."

No need to be so high and mighty -- just because you live in Tokyo doesn't mean all your readers do. Have you ever thought that people use ISDN FLET's because they can't get ADSL in their area and not because they're "too busy to notice"?

Maybe you meant it as a joke -- but remember, in cyberspace no one can hear you laugh.


Domain Name Games

I read your article "Domain Name Org Gets Greedy" and thought how typical this kind of try-and-slip-it-by-the-general-public attitude is among Japanese government and quasi-government organizations. I didn't think much of it, but late last week got a direct email from japanregistry.com advertising their services. I was a bit mad as the mail said it was in response to an inquiry I supposedly made to them last year. (Not!)


Newsletter Kudos

What a great newsletter. I enjoy it and find it well written and extremely informative.

Jim Forbes
DEMO and DEMOmobile


Fast Country, Great Article

My congratulations to Jonathan Hopfner for the "Fast Country" article. Excellent piece -- insightful and very well researched. Might benefit from a bit more editing as business readers such as myself tend to get deterred by lengthy historical intros, but, nonetheless, great story! Thank you, Jonathan and J@pan Inc, and a very successful new year to all of you.

Martin Kralik
Senior Research Analyst
Strategic Intelligence (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Fast Country, New Perspective

I loved this story (see "Fast Country"). It gave me a new perspective on where I hold the Korean economy in light of other major powers. It was informative, and I enjoyed the captions from those interviewed.

Angela Rodaughan


Awaiting the Right PDA/Cellphone

Regarding your comments on PDAs (JIN No.116) and cell phones: I couldn't agree with your position more. You're dead on. I have a Jornada 420 PDA and a Nokia 6220 cellphone. I tried the new Ericsson Internet access phone, but took it back. Its directory was too cumbersome to use after getting used to the Nokia's ability to key in a number, call it, and then add it directly to the directory (or add first, and then go right to calling). On the Ericsson, you have to go to a separate menu to add a number, and then a whole different menu to call. The scroll through the menu was not efficient.



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