Positive Changes

I have been following the positive changes made in your publication these past few months and have been referring foreign journalists asking about Japan to read it first. The editor's note is smart and succint. Also: it puts ongoing events in context -- a much needed element in journalism. Please keep up the great work! Best,

M. Iida


Letter from Iris Baker

Dear Mr. Kelts,

I am writing to thank you and your reporters at J@pan Inc for your support in helping me tell Nick's story to many people. Your kindness has helped Nick and I continue our fight.

As you know, it is not a miracle I’m asking for, just justice and a fair trial -- not only for my son, but for all who find themselves in trouble in Japan.


The best magazine

Thanks - so far, I really like the magazine - I'm an American living in Japan (got here 2 months ago), and I work in the field of Information Technology - so far, J@pan.Inc seems to be the best magazine in Japan that covers what's going on in IT, but in other fields as well, with a particular emphasis on Japan but with a global outlook on things as well. I look forward to receiving my first issue!

Thanks, Regards,
M. A.



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