Needed: Consulting on Consultants

I read your recent article on Web consultants in Japan with great interest. I have a few questions that I was hoping you could help me with, or possibly provide leads as to how I can get them answered.

Similar to some of the studies that cover this industry in the West, have you seen any covering Japan? I am curious as to the current size of the industry, and what the expectations are regarding future growth. Is it parallel to the expectations regarding the B2B or B2C markets in Japan? How do the expectations vary between consultancies specializing in your defined segments: software developers, systems integrators, application creators, e-business enhancers, and Net accelerators?

Thanks for the great articles. J@pan Inc is about the only business-related magazine that I can read from cover to cover!

Ashish Lal

Editor's note: Thanks for the comments and queries, Ashish. We'll be sending you a reply shortly. In the meantime, perhaps some of our other readers have pointers for you ...