Awaiting the Right PDA/Cellphone

Regarding your comments on PDAs (JIN No.116) and cell phones: I couldn't agree with your position more. You're dead on. I have a Jornada 420 PDA and a Nokia 6220 cellphone. I tried the new Ericsson Internet access phone, but took it back. Its directory was too cumbersome to use after getting used to the Nokia's ability to key in a number, call it, and then add it directly to the directory (or add first, and then go right to calling). On the Ericsson, you have to go to a separate menu to add a number, and then a whole different menu to call. The scroll through the menu was not efficient. The basic use of the phone was so cumbersome and nonlogical I took it back and upgraded my Nokia 6200 to a 6220 and decided to wait a year or so for Nokia to come out with the Internet access phone.

On the PDAs, I would love to upgrade my HP 420 to the new 500 series (575?) with the 32MB of RAM, Pocket Excel, Word., Outlook, etc. But after reading your comments on PDAs and cellphones, both last week and this week, I for one will wait to upgrade either. And the first quality machine to come out that is a PDA/cellphone/Internet access device -- and will run on the Windows 2000 operating system (doesn't do me much good if it will not communicate with my work platform) -- will be purchased by me. I hope it's a Nokia -- I really like their phones! Thanks for your great work.

Robert Jarrett
Director of Finance -- U.S. & European Operations
TOSOH Quartz, Inc.