Domain Name Games

I read your article "Domain Name Org Gets Greedy" and thought how typical this kind of try-and-slip-it-by-the-general-public attitude is among Japanese government and quasi-government organizations. I didn't think much of it, but late last week got a direct email from advertising their services. I was a bit mad as the mail said it was in response to an inquiry I supposedly made to them last year. (Not!)

I came to work the next Monday and found a huge amount of email in my inbox from people I do not know. Apparently, they had all "unsubscribed" from's email list when they too got the unwanted direct mail, but through some glitch, all the unsubscribe messages were being sent out to all the people that got sent the email in the first place!

I'm sure glad the new "for profit" registrar is doing so much better than the old "non-profit" organization. Experts in their field, eh? What a laugh!

I note they have your magazine prominently featured on their Web site. If I were a subscriber I might think that is where they got my email address in the first place, but though I enjoy your magazine, I do not have a subscription, so I'll have to look elsewhere for the privacy invaders.

Edward Ray
Department Manager
Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Editor's note: We're innocent! And even if you were a subscriber, we'd never release your contact information without your permission.