U.S. Economy: First Down, First Up?

What goes down, must come up--and so should the U.S. economy and currency.


One House Better Than Two?

Two suggestions on how Japan's two-house parliamentary system could change for the better.

Hello Work!

IFRS, or International Financial Reporting Standards, is the next keyword in Japan's financial sector.

New Year Disillusions

Sometimes, the best thing To Do is Not To, says business consultant Jason de Luca.

Debt's Life In 2010

Still low on liquidity, the debt hangover's far from clearing up for some economies.

From Push To Dove

A piecemeal approach to peace may have clipped the Hatoyama administration's wings to lead.

Blogger Beware

Tag--and you're on some embarassing photo never meant to be seen on Facebook, or even taken. Here's how to make online social networking work for you--not against you.

The Launch of Hedge Fund Radio

My guest on Hedge Fund Radio this week is Ed Merner, CEO of the Atlantis Japan Growth Fund (LSE-AJG), who has long been rated the number one stock picker in the Land of the Rising Sun...

Lost in Transaction

Ask yourself, How many times a year do we audit our client contact points & ex-clients?


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