The Launch of Hedge Fund Radio

My guest on Hedge Fund Radio this week is Ed Merner, CEO of the Atlantis Japan Growth Fund (LSE-AJG), who has long been rated the number one stock picker in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ed’s fund, which trades on the London Stock Exchange, is up a stunning 54 percent from the March bottom. When the ink was barely dry on the U.S.-Japan peace treaty in 1950, Ed’s father uprooted his family from rural Truckee, California, and moved them to Tokyo Japan. That gave him a front row seat to the economic miracle that followed in the '50s and '60s.

Ed started managing money in Japan just a few years before me, in 1970. He toiled away as a portfolio manager at Schroeder’s & Co. in Tokyo for 25 years and then launched his own firm in 1995. Ed, who is a fascinating individual and a genuine nice guy, will discuss the long-term opportunities for investing in Japan and Korea.

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