Saving Japan's Nuclear Reactor Industry

Japan is a world leader in nuclear reactor technology. That lead, however, is threatened by China, France, Korea and Russia. Fortunately, there still is time for the Japanese nuclear industry to act to save itself, and, ironically, to save America as well from its short-sighted ways.

How To Embrace Life's Only Constant

The Japan HR Society on "CHANGE"---what it is, its faces and stages, and some DOs and DON'Ts for HR professionals to keep in mind to help their respective organizations manage and lead change.

Whiner Management

Spicy chili, chopped onions or covered in French’s classic, we have all been handed one during a public speaking event, seminar or workshop input session.

The Job Interview

Besides focusing on what to say during a job interview, here are some things that are better left unsaid, advises recruitment specialist David Price.

Sitting On A Gold Mine

Creativity is a natural resource just waiting to be mined and turned into pure gold. But most organizations are over-managed and underled; no thanks to ineffective leaders who don’t trust themselves or others. Dr Stephen Long expounds how to unleash this creative potential.


Like watching an old friend who fell from the high life as a special bracket investment banker to a stumbling drunk, I can't help but pity Japan's beleaguered stock investors. Since peaking in 1989 at 39,800, they have been mired in a 20 year bear market, the longest in history, and there is no sign of the index climbing substantially off the current 10,000 level anytime soon. I have watched with dismay as GDP growth shriveled from a white hot 10% in the sixties, to 7%, 5%, 3%, and now 1%, and share prices reflect this.

The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of HR Business Partnering in Japan

Find out what the fuss is about HR Business Partnering--why it matters and how you can become one.

A New Look At Old Rules

Is a promotion always a good thing? David Price gives his take on some rules of engagement in the office.

The Future of the Euro

FX punters and other of their ilk are beginning to look to the Euro as a source of global liquidity to play the carry wheel in high yield economies.

How I am Voting on Internet Initiative Japan's Proxy

A longtime shareholding on mine, Internet Initiative Japan (IIJI) (JP: 3774), is having its Annual Shareholder Meeting this Friday in Tokyo. I urge all ADR and Ordinary shareholders to submit their votes as soon as possible, but not later than this Thursday, 10:00 AM Eastern (NY) for ADR holders, or by Thursday, 11:59 PM Japan Standard Time for Ordinary shareholders. Also, please see my previous article detailing my activist work to-date with IIJ.


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