Transferring Talent

Japan’s shrinking population is nothing new, and with one in three people set to be over 65 by 2025, it can’t be ignored. Simply put, the difficulty is in keeping the economy moving as the work force shrinks and the number of domestic consumers drops.

Negotiating A Promotion

Asking for more money from an employer takes technique and those successful can come out ahead both in the eyes of their boss and in the additional pay they enjoy.

Due Diligence

"Trust but verify." In today's economy, this advice from the late US Pres. Ronald Reagan is no where more important than it is now...


The Importance of Networking

One of the most effective ways to grow a business and advance your career in Japan is to make an effort at networking.

Cultural Communications: The Key to Language Fluency

Communication is about more than just grammar and vocabulary. It’s about getting your message across. However, sometimes the message gets lost due to cultural differences. Learn how to overcome this pitfall.

How To Embrace Life's Only Constant

The Japan HR Society on "CHANGE"---what it is, its faces and stages, and some DOs and DON'Ts for HR professionals to keep in mind to help their respective organizations manage and lead change.

The Job Interview

Besides focusing on what to say during a job interview, here are some things that are better left unsaid, advises recruitment specialist David Price.

Sitting On A Gold Mine

Creativity is a natural resource just waiting to be mined and turned into pure gold. But most organizations are over-managed and underled; no thanks to ineffective leaders who don’t trust themselves or others. Dr Stephen Long expounds how to unleash this creative potential.

The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of HR Business Partnering in Japan

Find out what the fuss is about HR Business Partnering--why it matters and how you can become one.

Making sense of your employee R&R programs

When work isn't its own reward, how should employees' contributions be effectively recognized?


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