Thanks, you wasted my time.

No moment in sales is more powerful than meeting a new potential client for the first time, it’s like being superman, you get to create an image that you are the best sales-hero in Metropolis.

Low Numbers = My company’s marketing is the problem.

For salespeople selling in these days, we need to make a small but important mentality shift, here goes...

Feeling left out?

The hard realities of the economic downturn are changing the face of employment in Japan and, for many, downsizing and potential job losses are a real threat. The question is, how best to weather the storm. Below are six clear and easily identifiable signals that a job may be at risk...

How not to get fired in a bad economy

I don’t care what industry, job title, pay scale or size office you have. This year and next, you had better be thinking a big “what if…” when it comes to getting fired...

Job seeking has lost its way

By staff writer Saki Nakane

Japan’s job hunting is unique in a brutal way, and it has become even tougher for job-hunters to find employment amidst the worst economic crisis to hit Japan in a century.

Time to look the other way

The headline economic figures on trade, production and consumer confidence appear to leave little room for doubt. Japan, despite avoiding the excesses that sparked the near collapse of the global financial system, has fallen victim to the resulting global economic downturn.


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