Transferring Talent

Japan’s shrinking population is nothing new, and with one in three people set to be over 65 by 2025, it can’t be ignored. Simply put, the difficulty is in keeping the economy moving as the work force shrinks and the number of domestic consumers drops.

Negotiating A Promotion

Asking for more money from an employer takes technique and those successful can come out ahead both in the eyes of their boss and in the additional pay they enjoy.

TT-507 -- Recruiters Take a Hit, ebiz news from Japan

Although receiving little media focus, the recruitment industry is facing one of its toughest times yet. What options are left for the struggling industry?


The Young & The Restless

Japanese Employment PatternBy Sarah Noorbakhsh -- How changing attitudes toward careers are revolutionizing Japanese employment patterns. -- Japan’s traditional lifetime employment system is in a state of flux as droves of younger employees are quitting their jobs at some of the country’s biggest companies, about 62 years before they’re expected to. So many are walking out in fact that the newly coined key-phrase, san-nen san-wari (three years, 30%), is hot on the agenda at HR departments all over the archipelago. The phrase comes from startling statistics that confirm this new social problem; the Ministry of Health, Labor and Wellness states that in 2004, 36.6% of university graduates had quit their jobs within the first three years of employment, up almost 10% from 10 years before.


The Trade in People

Derek SchneidermanDerek SchneidermanBy Alan Malcolm -- A former recruiter looks at the industry in Japan asking the question, has the bubble burst? -- With the need for strong, foreign executive recruiters having been created through the demand to move high-caliber professionals, often within tightly knit industries, a lot of the demand has come on the back of strong financial optimism and forecasted growth. -- Interview with Derek Schneiderman, Recruitment Industry Investor, Chairman and CEO, IA Global Inc.


Personnel Perspectives

SymbolBy Peter Harris -- Three views of the human resources process: candidate, recruiter, employer -- We explore the job-hunting game from three different perspectives and expose five sneaky tricks that some recruiters employ.


TT-457 -- Labor costs comparison, ebiz news from Japan

The labor market in Japan is difficult to get a good view of, partly becuase of the distortions created by reliance on World Bank or CIA statistics. Using alternative sources for figures, the labor market in Japan seems to be relatively competitive in regional comparison. Read Now


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