Trojan horse becomes trojan rabbit

Porsche's perfect Trojan Horse corner and attempted takeover of VW is, according to Bloomberg (and others), rapidly in danger of becoming a less-perfectly concocted "Trojan Rabbit"...

Financial Gitmo

I am a survivor of the Japanese bear market. Twelve (or twenty - depending on your school of thought) long years of it. Call it "Financial Gitmo". The lessons of this incarceration were varied, and the experience invaluable - indelibly etched upon my brain for ease of retrieval when required in the future...

Massive Fiscal Stimulus Spending Project #1: Currency Manipulation

This article is the first in a series of proposals detailing how the Japanese government could launch projects that would result in massive fiscal stimulus as well as boosted corporate and consumer spending. It is important to keep in mind that the proposals put forth in this series are essentially insane, but would lead to government, corporate and personal spending on a massive scale.

Keeping the bull happy

Online FX trading has taken center-stage in the global currency market, spurred by an urgent need for liquidity in volatile times. Valerie Lee, Société Générale’s Head of EBusiness AsiaPacific, tells us how the increasing use of online tools is driving growth of currency trading in Asia.

Currency Online

Elldridge Lynch Foreign Currency Services Shingo Hoshino on repatriating funds.

Death Nell

If there is any doubt that the high-end of conspicuous consumption is stinging, just come and visit Aspen or Snowmass.

Job seeking has lost its way

By staff writer Saki Nakane

Japan’s job hunting is unique in a brutal way, and it has become even tougher for job-hunters to find employment amidst the worst economic crisis to hit Japan in a century.

Shifting gears

Keiretsu corporate networks are innate to the Japanese auto sector, but could this system finally be changing?

Common sense needed in the fight against pandemics

As the winter flus set in, there's no need for panic to follow.


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