Saving Japan's Nuclear Reactor Industry

Japan is a world leader in nuclear reactor technology. That lead, however, is threatened by China, France, Korea and Russia. Fortunately, there still is time for the Japanese nuclear industry to act to save itself, and, ironically, to save America as well from its short-sighted ways.

A hope and a prayer

Bernie Comes Out of The Closet was early in mulling over some of the unanswered questions brought to the fore by his out-ing...

I am shocked that you're shocked

It is undoubtedly all over the web, the news reported by Bloomberg that The (aptly named) Galleon's been hit sending her and her booty plummeting to the icy depths...

Every day has its dog

While many stocks have doubled or tripled over the past five or six months, venerable Ginza retailer, Matsuya, has been more than cut-in-half during the last three. The charts herein minimize the need for words about the pain inflicted upon large and concentrated (not to mention potentially leveraged) shareholders...

Q&A: Toshihiro Nagoshi

1. Can you tell us a bit about how the business of creating games has shifted during your time in the industry?

The attention deficit

How one advertising company is making people take notice

Is something wrong with certain kinds of trading?

Beautiful as France is, it's ski resorts are filled with pesky, queue-barging coquins with all their attendant bad manners, trampling upon one's skiis, and mayhem creation...

The aftermath

Michael Jackson aka The King of Pop leaves behind arguably the most extensive and lucrative pop music catalog in the world. Even though Jackson passed away, his brand will leave an imprint in pop culture for decades...

Real music for a virtual world

The two artists, both professional musicians, couldn’t be more different.

One is a live-show powerhouse, playing more than 20 sell-out gigs per month. His fans travel from all over the world just to see him, and many have been following him since the early days. In between concerts, they blog about the shows. During the concerts, they tip so fervently that money literally piles up on the stage.

The big slip

Japan’s economy just does not seem to be able to catch a break at the moment. GDP contracted at an annual pace of over 15.2 percent in the first three months of this year, while industrial output fell by over 34.5 percent following a contraction in exports which was nearer to the 40 percent mark...


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