Trojan horse becomes trojan rabbit

By Cassandra*

Porsche's perfect Trojan Horse corner and attempted takeover of VW is, according to Bloomberg (and others), rapidly in danger of becoming a less-perfectly concocted "Trojan Rabbit". Had Mr Wedeking perhaps spoken with the Hunt Brothers, they would have learned that getting the price up is only half of it (and the easy half). Cashing out in full, and banking the plunder, as the Hunt's would have told them, is a bit more tricky.

I must admit that I am actually a bit sad to see it come unraveled (not having had a short in VW) since there was brilliance in shafting may of the self-professed smartest guys in the world (?!?!?) by suckering them in with a trail of seemingly free bank notes, before giving them the P&L wedgie of their lives and hanging them-up in public view by their short and curlies. But it appears that The Street may have the last laugh.

*not her real name. Cassandra is an investment banker who authors the blog Cassandra does Tokyo.

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