JIN-450 -- The Taxi Business

Taxis in Japan. They cost more and you can't smoke in them, but how have Japan's cab businesses changed and what has been the result of deregulating the industry? Read Now


Terrie's Job Tips -- Cost of Living in Tokyo 2008 -- Part Three: Thrifty

It's pretty hard to be thrifty as a family in Tokyo, although it is possible in regional cities and in rural areas. It is generally accepted that the minimum a 2-child Japanese family can get by on, if mom is staying at home, is about JPY4.5M a year. This includes everything and assumes that the family is renting, but possibly saving a small amount each month for a mortgage on a house by the time the parents are in their late 30's or early 40's.


WW-170 -- Disney loves Softbank - a marketing plan for the saturated mobile market

This month's Wireless Watch takes a look at how Disney and Softbank's collaboration is making a storm in Japan's mobile world.


TT-454 -- Obesity epidemic, ebiz news from Japan

Have fast food and Western decadence taken their toll on the Japanese waistline? With 10% of adults technically classified as obese, what is Japanese society and business doing to alleviate increasing concerns about
'the fatness epidemic'? Read Now


GW-288 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

This week's Gadget Watch looks at the talked about ASUSTeK's Eee PC, Hitachi's new digital camera which can record full HD videos straight onto a Blu-Ray disk and Panasonic's Viera series TV.